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Waterfront Investment Properties: Your Trusted Marina Asset Consulting Partner

Waterfront Investment Properties was formed in 1995 after Founder and Principal Karen Calvacca completed several marina and hotel/resort sales and identified the need for an international firm that was well versed in the complexities of acquisition, disposition and advisory services for marina, resort residential and hotel properties. Waterfront Investment Properties quickly grew beyond its local roots and now serves buyers, sellers, and financial intermediaries throughout the globe.

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Investment Sales

Waterfront Investment Properties provides clients with sophisticated consulting and transaction services with a special focus on and expertise on the unique asset class of marinas. We provide a full range of services including Asset Sales, Asset Management, Valuation, Financing, Due Diligence and Consulting.

Through our creative advisory, transaction management, deal structuring, and marketing expertise, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional services to our discerning clientele. Private individuals, corporations, and institutional investors alike turn to us for their marina acquisition, disposition, advisory, and valuation needs. Our commitment to building direct relationships with an extensive investor base, including local, national, and offshore entities, public and private investors, users, and developers in the marina space, ensures that our clients gain access to a wide range of opportunities.

Waterfront Investment Properties has organically grown into an industry leader with a special focus on marina and waterfront related assets. We recognize that success in this business hinges on the strength and depth of personal relationships. As a boutique firm, we have the unique advantage of providing exclusive and confidential bespoke services to a select group of owners, operators, and investors. Unlike larger brokerage and advisory firms, we prioritize personalized attention and dedication to our clients’ specific needs and aspirations.

With over a billion dollars’ worth of sold assets internationally, Waterfront Investment Properties has proven expertise in facilitating successful marina transactions. Our business focus spans the United States, Caribbean, and Europe, enabling us to leverage our extensive network and market knowledge in these key regions. Additionally, our dedicated global database of marina investors ensures that our clients gain access to a highly targeted pool of potential buyers or partners.

Waterfront Investment Properties excels in off-market and confidential transactions. We understand the need for discretion and confidentiality when dealing with high-value marina assets. Our extensive network and industry connections allow us to access exclusive opportunities that are not publicly available. Whether you are looking to sell a marina property discreetly or engage in a confidential acquisition, we have the expertise and resources to facilitate successful off-market transactions.


Karen has worked with me on many investments over the years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has a deep knowledge of the waterfront industry and is powerfully connected to everyone. She works harder than most and handles everything with grace and integrity.

Marina Investor


25 Years Experience

In Marina Advisory/Sales